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 I wonder how much longer 
 I will have to wait
 For this to all be over 
 For me to know his fate
 I’ve given so much to this 
 To make sure that he pays 
 For the crimes that he’s committed
 Because he will never change his ways
 Six years is a long time
 But thirty is much longer 
 The only thing I know
 Is the years have made me stronger
 The memories never disappear
 Though they do begin to fade 
 Only to resurface
 Again I am betrayed
 It is easy to go back there
 With one statement or a question 
 Thank god that I am stronger 
 Thank god for my progression 
 The memories I kind of handle now 
 Though they are never nice to see 
 I’d much rather forget 
 I’d much rather be free
 I’ve started to move on 
 Have a family to call my own 
 But this case just holds me back 
 Until a decision is finally known
 I know I can’t give up 
 It’s my duty to make sure he’s put away 
 Where he cannot hurt another child
 Where evil is kept at bay 
 But sometimes it is tiring 
 Living in two different times
 My future that is bright 
 My past full of his evil crimes 
 This waiting is a nightmare 
 I just want to hear them say 
 That they’ve come to a decision 
 That he will have to pay
 I want this to be over 
 I no longer want to see
 The past and what he did 
 So I can finally just be free!
 ** Thanks for reading **
 ** Image courtesy of Google Images ** 

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