selective focus photography of black iphone turned off on table
Photo by Hasan Albari on Pexels.com


I wonder if he sits and waits,

For the phone call just like me,

The one to finally tell,

If he is charged or he is free.


I wonder if it scares him,

The fear of the unknown,

Or if he’s still so fearless,

Like I’ve always known.


I wonder if he dreams,

Of what his life might be like once this is done,

Does he have it weighing on his shoulders,

Like it weighs on mine a tonne?


I wonder if he even thinks,

Of the damage that he’s made,

I doubt it, he has never bothered,

About the children he betrayed.


I wonder if he is frightened,

That I might actually win,

That people might believe me,

And see through his evil grin.


I wonder if that monster,

Thinks that maybe I will drown,

That maybe the fear and torture,

Will finally make me backdown,


I wonder if he’s yet realised,

That I am here to stay,

To carry on my fight,

To keep all monsters at bay.


I wonder if he hates me,

As much as I hate him,

And if he’s finally twigged,

That I may sink but I can swim.


I wonder if he wants forgiveness,

For the crimes he won’t admit,

Even if he does,

Good luck ever getting it.


I wonder if he wonders,

About what my life has now become,

I’d tell him if I could,

That I’m no longer numb.


I wonder if he still thinks,

That I would never feel,

Well I’d make sure that he knows,

That I’ve begun to heal.


I wonder if he’s bothered,

About the family he stole,

I’d be sure to let him know,

I have my own now that makes me whole.


I wonder if his life is dark,

As dark as mine once was,

And if he has actually realised,

That he is the only cause.


I wonder if he sits and waits,

And wonders how big is a cell?

I hope that he is living,

The way that I lived in a pure hell.


I wonder if he sits and waits,

For the phone call just like me,

I hope each day he does,

And that the torture brings him to his knees!


Thanks for reading.

** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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