Open eyes


person eye
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For a moment when I wake up,

There is nothing that I feel,

Just for a split second,

None of this seems real.


Then the feelings come back,

The memories reappear,

My heart begins to sink,

As my brain crashes into gear.


One by one they surface,

Memories from a different time,

One by one they surface,

Memories of a horrific crime.


Slowly I begin to realise,

That this is my truth, my past,

The reality, it hits me,

Oh so very fast.


Yes it really happened,

I already really knew,

That it all really happened,

That my memories are true,


I just hoped for one day,

Where I wouldn’t have to feel,

Where just for one minute,

This story wasn’t real,


A day where I could face the world,

Without being afraid,

Of what’s around the corner,

Or feeling so betrayed.


But I’ve learned that that can’t happen,

Not with this road I’m on,

Not while I fight for justice,

To make sure he is gone.


I have had to find a balance,

Between my life now and my past,

For my life now it is happy,

But back then I didn’t think I’d last.


I fought for my survival,

Every day against his hands,

I had to keep his dirty secret,

To survive his hurtful plans.


Again I am surviving,

But in a different way,

This time I fight the monster,

With every memory I slay.


For now I tell my story,

Even though it’s hard to do,

I have to keep on fighting,

To keep pushing my way through.


Now I fight for justice,

I fight to give a voice,

To those of us who were hidden,

Who didn’t have a choice.


So sometimes I may wake up,

And wish my story were not true,

But you need to hear it,

You need to hear what I’ve been through.


Listening is the way,

The world will finally see with open eyes,

That if something isn’t done soon,

More innocent children will die.


Thanks for reading.

** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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