Imagination creates reality


The broken and abused know what it is like to live in a world of darkness. Using imagination to survive, they create a world of dreams to try to be free of the real life nightmares they are living in. They are artists of the mind whose gift is survival.

Living a world of nightmares, they create a world of dreams to live out their imaginations and not their here and now. For with imagination there are no rules or regulations. No pain. No darkness. Imagination and creativity can change the world. For imagination can create reality.

I did not know the true weight of what I have been carrying, the secret of my past, until I began to know freedom.
Slowly, my dream of freedom and of peace is no longer just imagination. Slowly my dreams are becoming reality.
My writing has become my avenue for healing. I am defining my own reality. My experiences were trivialized, denied and distorted but now I am being heard.

Life is about creating yourself. No-one else can do it for you. You have to use your own wings to fly and find yourself.

Like a flower amongst weeds I had to try to grow in the cruellest environment and somehow I survived. But it is not enough for me to just survive. I want to bloom.

I have been broken down and crushed so many times but it just means that I am being rebuilt to who I am meant to be and that I get to choose who that is. I get to write my story. I get to create my future. I get to make my own dreams and imaginations come true.

I can no longer be confined. Slowly I am starting to be free from the curse of my past as happiness and hope now fill my heart.

I tell my story and my truth not so that I can get glory, but so that others like me can have hope. For it is there somewhere. A tiny speck in the back of your imagination. It’s what starts the imagination in the first place. The dare to dream.

No-one can clip my wings. I will grow. I will fly and I will find the sky. No more darkness. No more nightmares.
That is the place where my dreams and imagination will meet reality and will finally become one forever.

That is where I will finally find total freedom.

That is where I will finally find peace.

Until then, I will continue to find hope in imagination and I will continue to dream. I will continue to create reality.

I will continue to write my story.

I will survive.

And eventually, I will bloom!

** Thanks for reading **
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