Happy Birthday Little Girl

lighted happy birthday candles
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Dear Little Girl,

You may not remember, for you have been hiding for so long, but yesterday was your birthday.

I know that birthdays scare you. For they bring bad memories and triggers. Birthdays were not a happy day for you. For you were hurt by the monster who was meant to protect you.

He was your present, he would say. A secret just for you. A present you didn’t want each year. No cake or candles, but rape and pain. A secret you didn’t want. He robbed you of your childhood. He took away your freedom. He stole your voice.

You became invisible. Buried deep inside. A warrior began to take your place. The only way we could survive.

You sat abandoned and ignored as each year rolled into the next. Not feeling seen, not feeling heard, not feeling felt. Always trying to get attention as your existence was ignored.

I’m sorry I haven’t always listened. That I pushed you deep inside. It was the only way I could protect you from the harm the monster brought to us each day.

Each birthday you grew stronger. I knew that you were there. A broken child in an adults body. The little girl I used to be lying within me. Waiting for the day that I was ready to give you your voice, your freedom, your truth.

I never stopped loving you, you know. All the different parts of you. I was just scared and had to keep you safe until I was strong enough to set you free. To let what innocence you had left, your playfulness and your beauty shine bright for the whole world to see.

The monster took away most of your innocence but he could never take your spirit. You are young but you are fierce. A little fighter. Deep within this armour I wear, the warrior is a child. You.

I am sorry I haven’t always listened but I am here now little child. I hear you. I love you. You are safe now. You are valuable. You are loved. And I am fighting for us both.

So Happy Birthday Dear Inner Child, the first where you are free . There are no unwanted presents and no secrets to be kept.

This birthday is for you my dear to finally be a child.

To finally have a voice.

To finally be free.

Happy Birthday Little Girl. I love you.

Thanks for reading.
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One thought on “Happy Birthday Little Girl

  1. Well, I am crying…this is such a wonderful post, and I am so happy that you were/are able to write it! You have come a very , very long way in a relatively short period of time, and I think it’s because you refuse to carry the shame laid on you in your childhood any longer. Indeed, IT WAS NEVER YOUR SHAME IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing a fabulous job , not only for yourself, but for others who haven’t yet rediscovered their voice. You are amazing, and I honour you and your commitment to regain your life. You certainly deserve that!
    Happy, Happy Birthday, and may all your future birthdays be even more celebratory each year!

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