Shed a tear


Chest tight
She wants to heave
Gasps for air
She cannot breathe

The fear is back
Pain takes control
Losing her way
Back down a hole

She feels it rising
Lumps in her throat
No longer sure
She can stay afloat

For sadness hurts
It feels so wrong
As its arms wrap around her
And it sings its song

It calls her name
It sings her story
Telling her truth
A tale so gory

One of terror
One of fright
Sadness takes control
With all its might

The pain inside
Makes her want to die
She wants to break
She wants to cry

She begs herself
To just be strong
To shed a tear
Just feels so wrong

But tears are words
The heart can’t say
And her heart has so many
Words kept at bay

Crying is how
Your body speaks
When your mouth struggles
To utter a single peak

She has been silent
For far too long
For many years
She has been so strong

She doesn’t want to
Cut no more
To slice more of her skin
Full of scars so sore

Now she’s found her voice
She wants to speak
Crying won’t ever
Make her weak

He says they are together
Through it all
He holds her hand
Won’t let her fall

So she starts to crumble
To face her fear
As finally she begins
To shed a tear.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

One thought on “Shed a tear

  1. So glad to hear that you’re finally able to begin to release your pent-up sadness and grief. I hope you’re rewarded with unending peace…you deserve it!!!


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