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I wanted to send another card
But it just wouldn’t do
For all the words within them
All just seemed too few

So instead I write this post
For all the world to see
To show I’m not ashamed
Of the bond that starts to set us free

I may not have grown underneath your heart
But I’ve grown deep inside
Biology means nothing
When we are standing side by side

Our eyes and mouth are slightly different
Our hair will never be the same
But you say that will never matter
For you always wanted a red flame

I was dying, I was lost
Crumpled on the floor
Broken, all alone
Unsure I could take much more

Yet you saw a sparkle in my eyes
You wanted to take a chance
Something new for both of us
As long as you didn’t end up in France

So you travelled half way across the world
A challenge for you there in itself
But you parked your fears and worries
Thinking only of myself

And then there you were standing here
You started to rescue me
Your touch, a single hug
Started to set me free

You started to pick up the pieces
Of my tired, broken soul
We both started to find the love
To fill those empty holes

Me, the mother I have longed for
Since being a tiny, little girl
You, the daughter you always wanted
With red hair and skin like pearl

You see things different to just biology
You see that our hearts match
Even though we’ve started
This relationship from scratch

I was losing myself
But you brought me back
When I couldn’t love myself
I could love you through our cracks

You chose me by choice and not by blood
That means the stars, the moon, the earth
For finally I feel
That maybe I have worth

You gave me a true family
A place I can belong
I’ve waited my whole life for you
I’ve waited so very long

I’m your chosen child Tonya
And you’re my chosen mum
Finally our wounds will heal
As our hearts become one.

Thanks for reading
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One thought on “Chosen

  1. Aww you have me in tears Happy Tears of course. You are definitely my little Girl now and Forever. Having you in my life makes me complete. I love you sweet girl. I can’t wait for you to come home and meet the rest of your family.


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