Fathers Day Truth

fathers day 4

Today is Fathers Day
A day she wants to forget
For it brings back that little girl
The memories and your threat

You were that little girls father
But that just isn’t true
It is time that the world
Heard her story, really knew

You should have been there
Right from the very start
To help and love and guide her
To protect her tiny heart

Instead you took her body
Something that wasn’t yours
You made that little girl
Fight so many wars

She didn’t understand
Why her daddy hurt her all the time
She didn’t know his touch
Had now become a crime

You laid your hands in places
She didn’t even know existed
You touched what wasn’t yours
Because your mind twisted

That little girl was fragile
She just needed her dad
Instead you just told her
That she was really bad

She learned to know the reason
You’d come in her room at night
She learned to know it was better
If she didn’t try to fight

Your touch soon turned to more
As her body you would rape
The little girl was gone now
She knew she had no escape

You took away her innocence
Her childhood you stole
You should have been a father
You were a monster without a soul

You took away her family
You took away her hope
You took away her happiness
Left her alone to cope

That little girl has no father
For you do not deserve that name
She grew up feeling lost
Unloved, alone and full of shame

That little girl is grown now
She is finding her voice
She’s telling your secret
Because she finally has a choice

But that little girl still hates this day
And the memories it brings
For she was your present
Your little play thing

And she still wishes she had a daddy
To love her and see her grow
But everything she’s achieving
She’s achieving on her own

See that little girl is still standing
Even though you broke her to her knees
That little girl is here now
That little girl is me

We don’t wish you Happy Fathers Day
For we hate this day as much as you
And soon you will too
When the whole world knows the truth!

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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