A heavy head
A broken heart
This journey keeps on
Tearing me apart

Darkness looms
Depression sighs
Another part of me
Begins to die

Insomnia comes
I lay in bed
Thoughts over and over
Run through my head

Don’t want to sleep
For I cannot dream
Nightmares take over
I want to scream

I am not hungry
I cannot eat
No energy left
I’m feeling beat

My legs are weighted
Feel like lead
Another step
I cannot tread

My skin is scarred
From another blade
Who knows if they
Will ever fade

My eyes are tired
So sore and worn
Another tear
I’m broken, torn

I push the ones
I love away
Do they care enough
To fight, to stay?

Depression is
A lonely place
Is anyone willing
To give chase?

Will they fight
To bring me back?
To stop me slipping
Through the cracks?

Or will they let
Me slip below
Where they won’t follow
Where they will not go?

I need a hand
To hold me tight
To not let me slip
Or lose this fight

I need someone
To fight for me
To finally help
Set me free

I need some love
A heavy grip
To hold on tight
Don’t let me slip.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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