The edge


Please don’t just dismiss them
The thoughts within her head
Sometimes they tell her
She would be better off dead

You just see the smile she wears
Every day upon her face
You do not see the tears
That start to take its place

You just see her fighting
The way she battles on
You do not see the edge
She is carefully sitting on

Fear rises within her
What if she cannot fight
Through the haunting nightmares
For another night

Carefully she balances
On that scary ledge
It’s not as wide as you presume
But thin, like a knifes edge

A breeze would push her over
In one sweep she would be blown
Into non-existence
No longer flesh or bone

Would those who hurt her
Ever say a prayer
Would they be so sorry
To even shed a tear

She knows the answer deep inside
Is that they do not care
She’s seen it glowing in their eyes
With every single glare

One step off that ledge
Would end all of her pain
Would make the nightmares disappear
Would break their evil reign

She fights the thoughts inside her
She tries to be strong
For she knows she doesn’t really
Want to just be gone

Sometimes it is harder
The ledge becomes so clear
It just seems so easy
To make this hurt just disappear

Sadness, pain and torture
Make her want to take that fall
Instead she’s on her knees
She’s learnt how to crawl

Somehow she finds the strength
Not to take the leap
Instead she will break silently
Deep down she will weep

She steps back slowly from the edge
She knows she now has a choice
To finally be heard
To finally use her voice

It takes so much courage
To live tied up in torture chains
To live it every day
To relive the evil pain

It takes all her bravery
To believe in her own strength
To believe that she will make it
Through this journeys length

So next time she is distant
Please know Depression has come to play
Please understand she is fighting
Fighting hard to stay

And to those who wish for her to jump
Beware her strength and pride
She may not always seem it
But she is a warrior inside

The edge will always be there
But she will always fight
To survive the edge of darkness
To make it through another night.

Thanks for reading.

** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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