Blue pill


Heart pounding
Cannot breathe
Pain so intense
I’m on my knees

Back hurting
Chest sore
I’ve never had
This pain before

Sweaty palms
Beating heart
Anxiety roars
Tears me apart

Feeling triggered
Don’t understand
What sent me spiralling
With one command

Sitting still
Or walking round
Nothing helps
Cannot be ground

Need my meds
But cannot move
Need that one blue pill
To get me through

Pain unbearable
So immense
No-one understands
Anxiety’s strength

Crawling round
On hands and knees
No-one hears
My silent screams

I have to make it
Up the stairs
To reach the pill
That I know cares

Fear is shouting
My heart beats fast
Breathing hard
Just one short blast

Feeling faint
I still crawl
Will I make it
Before I fall

Finally there
I reach the med
That will silently ease
The fear in my head

I collapse into bed
With the one blue pill
The pain subsides
I begin to feel

Pins and needles
Take the place
Of the pain so intense
That now has no trace

On that one blue pill
I can depend
When anxiety roars
It is my only friend

That one blue pill
I hate to take
Is the only thing
To ease my ache

One blue pill
Helps me close my eyes
As anxiety fades
Begins to die

One blue pill
That seems so small
Holds all the strength
Gives me its all.

Thanks for reading
** Image is my own **

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