A child back in time

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She keeps having to go back there
That place called childhood
She doesn’t really like it
She never will, she never could

She never used to go so much
But now it’s all the time
One minute she’s an adult
The next a child back in time

If only she could stop them
She tries with all her might
But every time they reach for her
Their grip is far too tight

It used to just be in nightmares
Flashbacks would come and fill her mind
But now it could be any time
Day or night, they are never kind

Sometimes she is a teenager
Sometimes she is only eight
Sometimes she is just a toddler
She can barely stand up straight

None of the men care though
Age doesn’t bother them
For whether a toddler, eight or a teenager
They call her their special friend

She feels everything they did to her
As if it were today
She doesn’t want to feel it
She doesn’t want to play

Every single memory
Strikes her oh so fierce
Her body still reacts
Her heart they do still pierce

She knows she must remember
Her mind tells her through the fear
For once she’s seen these memories
Her mind will start to clear

She’s scared and she is fragile
She doesn’t want to see
But she knows deep down she has to
She knows remembering is key

One day in the future
She will no longer have to plead
For the memories to disappear
For she will finally be freed

She will never have to go back there
To that place called childhood
She doesn’t really it there
Full of abuse, she never could

She never used to go so much
Now it’s all the time
But soon she will stay an adult
No longer a child back in time.

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