A little girls grief


A lump in her throat, a hollow chest
Tears in the corners of her eyes
The smile she wears, she hopes you’ll see
Is really just a guise

Grief like fear, so overwhelming
Leaves an emptiness inside
Blackness full of tears and pain
Her heart and soul feel like they’ve died

She’s trying hard to live with grief
She’s trying hard to fill the void
But none of you can see
Her heart is so destroyed

No-one sees the feelings
Or how the emotions do affect her
No-one understands her fear
Or how the blade is her protector

No-one sees how much she hurts
Her faith in trust diminished
The more that time goes on
She knows her story isn’t finished

It doesn’t get better, it just gets different
A heartache in her bones
Her life a different whirlwind now
Her story she now owns

So much damage done to her inner child
As they committed their heinous crimes
She won’t get over it, but will get through it
But recovery takes time

Sadness begins to take control
As she grieves her childhood
She grieves for all her family
Not around, likely gone for good

They made their choice
They broke her heart
Their support of him
Tears her apart

No-one sees the pain she feels
As she begins to repair her heart
Pain, sadness, anger, fear, grief, even love
All start to play a part

What cannot be said, will instead be wept
As tears run down her cheeks
She is trying hard to swim
But feeling very weak

She is allowed to not be OK
This journey is the hardest of her life
Emotions, pain and memories
Pierce through her heart like a sharp knife

She knows you want her to be strong
She doesn’t want to let you down
But right now she really needs you
Please don’t let her drown

Grief begins to eat her up
Grief begins to leave a hole
Grief is far too powerful
Grief leaves a fragile soul

Grief is very painful
Grief is so alone
Grief is just too much
For this little girl now fully grown.


Thanks for reading

** Image courtesy of Google Images **

2 thoughts on “A little girls grief

  1. Such an incredibly heavy load for a child – an innocent, trusting young soul . Boggles my mind!!! It’s absolutely amazing to me to know that you’ve been able to carry on despite the crushing betrayal and lack of help and support for many, many years…you obviously have an incredible, strong, hopeful, inner child ! How else could you deal with the heinous ongoing physical, sexual abuse, the blaming and shaming, the neglect, and the abject utter darkness of not being believed and helped???????
    You really, truly, are a very special young woman, and I suspect that great things are going to be coming forth from you – especially in a role as supporter and helper to so many still stuck in the ‘web’ of abuse.
    Your suffering was not in vain,..although you didn’t deserve any of it! You are finding your way forward, and somehow you are turning your disastrous past into a powerful motivator for ‘good’. Don’t worry about how to help others – your very survival is a great testimony to your amazing inner strength! Just continue to tell your truth, and everyone can see clearly that victory and overcoming is possible, even in the very worst of scenarios .
    You, my dear, are a ‘sign and a wonder ‘ to all who get to know you!!!
    Please be patient with yourself as you transform from victim to victor … and remember that all beautiful butterflies were once earthbound caterpillars…
    I can see your wings unfolding now, and the sight is glorious!!!
    Sending much love your way…


    1. Thank you Carrie xx

      Thank you for always reading and supporting me x
      Thank you for always taking the time to comment. It means so much to me. I could not do any of this without the support of people like you. It means the world to me. Especially when I am struggling like in this piece.

      Thank you again.


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