Dear wounded inner child



Dear wounded inner child
I know that you are scared
But you can come back out now
Your pain can now be aired

I know you keep on trying
To come and tell your side
You are brave when I am scared
I thought you had to hide

I’m sorry I haven’t listened
But now you can come and share
For now we have a therapist
She listens and she cares

She’s gentle, kind and comforting
She’ll stop you feeling hopeless
Please walk with me in darkness
She will lead us back to wholeness

I know you try to reach out to her
For you try to talk to her too
I’m sorry I’ve been too frightened
To truly let you break through

You’ve had to be much stronger
Than you should ever have to be
But now we can tell her our story
To help set us both free

I know you’re buried deep inside
You are far too scared to trust
But I promise it is safe now
In her our story we can entrust

I cannot do it on my own
I’ve tried it’s just too hard
Each time I try to tell our story
Pain and sadness catch me off guard

I know that you are broken
Confused and so afraid
But only you can help me
From using another blade

I know your voice was silenced
Your tears were so forbidden
But you don’t have to hold it in
Your pain no longer has to be hidden

Your innocence was stolen
Your childhood was taken
It is time for you to rise
Your voice to reawaken

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to forget
The memories that will follow
But now it’s time to see them
They’ve already made my heart so hollow

Running from emotion doesn’t help
Ignoring it won’t make it go away
It will just keep building
In our chest it will always stay

You’re broken, abused, neglected
Of your childhood you were deprived
You’re innocent, scared and fragile
But somehow you survived

I promise you I’m here now
I’m who you needed when we were younger
It is time for you to rise
To wake from your scared slumber

I promise I will keep you safe
I won’t forget to love you
I promise I will never leave
The way our mother left you

Our past is so horrendous
The memories so severe
But only can reliving them
Stop us forever living in fear

I know this is another battle
We have to now begin
But this time we have help
To finally let us win

I am just as frightened
Unsure if we can survive
But if we make it through this
We can finally feel alive

Dear wounded inner child
Please let yourself begin to feel
For it is the only way
For both of us to heal.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

2 thoughts on “Dear wounded inner child

  1. Yes, I also see/feel/hear the power in this post! The best part is that it’s a revelation of the new-found, healing power of self- love!!! You’re well on your way to freedom from fear, shame and self-loathing , and I am so very proud of you, and excited about your future !!!!!! GO GIRL!!!!


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