Tired light


Strong but exhausted
Isolated, afraid
The weight of the world
On her shoulders weighs

She’s physically here
Mentally far away
Flashbacks and memories
In her head stay

Pain inside
Trauma in her heart
Blades begin to rip
Her skin apart

Crying hurts
Breathing is hard
Her skin from the blades
So very scarred

Her soul is tired
Her heart in pain
Still bound up
By the weighty chains

Her heart is heavy
Her eyes are sore
She struggles each time
To get up off the floor

Tired of lying
Saying she’s OK
Unsure she can live
To fight another day

Smiling outside
But look in her eyes
That smile she wears
Is just a disguise

She needs a break
From her own thoughts
As her tummy begins
To tie in knots

She is quieter, distant
All alone
The pain inside
Grows and groans

Her eyes speak up
When her mouth can’t
Tears that flow
Pain from her heart

She is tired of fighting
Inside she is dying
But no other choice
She has to keep trying

She has to save
Her child within
From the man
That took her mind, heart and skin

She has to protect
The innocent children
From the monster still standing
For he keeps it all hidden

Her heart is tired
Of no end in sight
But she battles on
To be the childrens light.


Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

2 thoughts on “Tired light

  1. Such a heart wrenching and accurate description of a survivor’s life. Thank you for putting the needs of your inner child and other innocent children in the spotlight. As much as we suffered as children, we who are adult survivers, Must be the voice for innocent ones who are being abused right this minute. Keep writing, drawing and sharing!


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