Silent anxiety


Cold chills, begins to sweat
Her hands and feet are numb
Her ears begin to ring
Beating like a drum

Everything is far too loud
Her head begins to blur
Noises, voices everywhere
Bad thoughts begin to stir

Everyone can see her
The weaknesses on show
Everyone is judging
Panic starts to grow

Overthinking, full of questions
Believing no-one cares
Feeling fragile and alone
This really isn’t fair

Uncomfortable and anxious
Pain inside her chest
She starts to have a meltdown
Is this another test?

Her value she feels is nothing
Finding her worth is tough
Her pride begins to disappear
She is just not good enough

She wishes she could control it
The panic starting to arise
For she knows the things it tells her
Are really all just lies

But the pain inside is unbearable
Though she knows eventually it will fade
But right now in this moment
She needs another blade

No-one sees the change within her
Or the fear she has inside
No-one sees the darkness
As the blade begins to glide

Trapped behind a constant wall
It stops her in her tracks
You cannot see the damage
No-one sees her cracks

Silent anxiety is a demon
One she cannot control
No-one sees the monster
Tearing apart her soul

Suffocating but still breathing
Locked inside a cage, cannot get out
She tries to scream for help
But it is just a silent shout

She knows she must keep breathing
Or the anxiety will thrive
She knows she has to fight this
Or else she won’t survive.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **


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