This girl is rather complicated
She hides a thousand feelings
Sad, hurt, angry, disappointed
Much more she is concealing

She’s never been allowed before
To feel these things called feelings
So uncertain, so unsure of them
These feelings all have meaning

People say she is too sensitive
In truth she feels too much
Each word and every action
Her heart they all do touch

Thankfulness is in there
For the people who are kind
But this she is not used to
Her past controls her mind

Sadness overpowers her
Anger beats her down
Slowly she is crumbling
Begins to lose her crown

Hurt begins to fill her heart
Disappointment fills her brain
Betrayal makes her body ache
One by one they start a chain

Shame eats her up inside
Embarrassment gains control
Guilt tears her heart apart
Fear tears apart her soul

There are no words to describe it
The pain she feels inside
She feels so very sad
So many reasons why

She’s scared and she is fragile
Unsure how she will cope                             She has to fight these feelings
To give the children hope

She tries so hard to shut them out
To keep the feelings under wraps
Blades become her friends again
She begins to feel so trapped

It is easier to pretend
That these feelings are not real
Than to say that they are killing her
With each new one she feels

She takes her meds, falls asleep
Before she falls apart
It is how she keeps her mask on
To protect her breaking heart

Her silence is her loudest cry
As feelings begin to break her spirit
But nobody can hear her
Nobody can see it

She wears a smile, carries on
She knows she cannot quit
Children need her as their voice
To them she must commit

Her inner child needs her too                     To finally break free                                        She is the only one who can save her      She knows she is the key

She knows she has to see this through
Feel each new feeling, take each new hit
These feelings, this pain, is unbearable
But it is OK, she is used to it

She knows she has to let them in              Let the feelings finally have their say           It is the only way she can break the chain    And finally live a pain free day.


Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **


4 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Thinking of you today, praying for strength to carry on and reach for the victory awaiting you! You are winning!!! Look how far you have already come – and in such a short time…press on, brave ‘truth warrior’!


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