First you took her mind
When she was very small
A sweet and innocent child
You made her feel so tall

Day by day you rose her up                             A princess on your knee
Wearing her big smile
How her face would beam

Then one day something changed
It was just a ruse
Slowly her small body
You started to abuse

Things were very different now
She didn’t want to sit on your knee
She didn’t like the feeling
She no longer felt like she was free

You began to take her body
A little at a time
Never was she safe
As you began your awful crime

First you took her lips
Kissing them every day
She remembers how it felt
How on her you would prey

Then you took her breasts
A sneaky touch when you were able
Slowly she was becoming yours
You made sure she wore that label

But the worst was yet to come
Her vagina you would take
Now the torture truly began
As you now started to rape

You made her bleed, made her sore
Made sure the men would share
As long as you were all satisfied
Care for her was rare

Your hands all touched her body
In ways she didn’t like
You eyes made her feel shame
Disgust filled her every night

Crying was not allowed
She had to know her place
She had to be a good girl
And wear a smile on her face

Slowly her worth vanished
As she began to use the blades
Emotion a ticking time bomb
Bottled up like a grenade

You saw the cuts created
Her own little work of art
You still carried on taking
As she began to fall apart

Slowly she stopped struggling
As she gave up her fight
The darkness now took over
She no longer saw the light

You took away her innocence
You stole her childhood
You took away her dignity
Just because you could

You took away her choices
You took away her light
But what you didn’t count on
Was her gaining back her fight

You no longer hold the power
You no longer have a voice
You took so much already
She now has a choice

Now she takes your freedom
She takes away your light
As slowly she is finding
The strength she needs to fight

Now she takes your innocence
As she stands up tall all on her own
She lifts her head up high
And screams the secret she’s held alone

Now she takes her life back
She is taking back her choice
She is taking all you took from her
She is taking back her voice.

Thanks for reading                                                **Image courtesy of Google Images**

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