Peaceful Warrior


Quietly she does endure                             Silently she suffers
Patiently she does wait
The journey just gets tougher

People wonder how she’ll cope
Or how she will make it through
Pain makes her a victim
But her voice makes her a hero

Unsure just how she will win
But knowing she won’t lose
Her skin just grows thicker
With each new scar and bruise

In no way immune to fear
She fights in spite of it
Some days are more difficult
Sometimes she wants to quit

With her courage she battles on
Through the wreck of her childhood
Strength and bravery now stand
Where the scared little child once stood

Through the pain and suffering
Her tummy tied up in knots
Through the trial and error
She conquers her own thoughts

She fights every battle
Though not yet won the war
She has the heart of a warrior
To the very core

With a spine of steel
And a great roar of thunder
She begins to beat the odds
People look on with wonder

Her head is held high
As she still fights inside
But this peaceful warrior
Begins to stand with pride.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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