Foggy Dissociation


This situation is too tough                           This pain is too intense
I need to be protected
I begin my self defence

My mind strives to protect me
It goes into overdrive
I’m disconnected, separate
I’m programmed to survive

The wall it rises
I cannot pass
I watch myself
Through this wall of glass

People, objects                                                 All around
Move in slow motion
Make no sound

The blade it cuts                                               My arms somehow
My mind and body confused
Not in the here and now

Everything seems so unreal
A nightmare inside a dream
Emotions rising in my chest
I feel like I could scream

My eyes stare blankly
I don’t exist
It descends upon me
The foggy mist

You think I’m weak
But I am strong
Through all the trauma
I carry on

I’m lonely, fragile, so afraid
In a world of isolation
I’m lost, unsure how to escape
This foggy dissociation.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

One thought on “Foggy Dissociation

  1. You continue to capture in words, what so many of us are feeling – but which we can’t describe because we are numb to our emotions or too afraid to admit exactly what it is that we are feeling. As always, you matter, you make a difference, and you are loved by so many others who suffered in similar ways in childhood.


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