No end in sight


Today she had her therapy
It made her really sad
Emotions turn inside her
She is feeling really mad

Laying in a boiling bath
Her skin begins to burn
Memories relived in therapy
In her head begin to churn

Scrubbing with a scrubbing brush
Tearing at her skin
She doesn’t want him on her
But memories bring him in

She feels so dirty and disgusting
She is feeling so ashamed
His hands have been all over her
Her body he once claimed

She just wants to feel clean again
She wants the memories to disappear
Instead she knows the memories
Will make her live in fear

In therapy she relives it
It makes it feel so real
She wonders if these memories
Will ever let her heal

The memories are so vivid
At the forefront of her mind
She wonders if the peace she needs
She will ever find

Her therapist tries to help her
She tries to gain her trust
She wants to help her inner child
She says that is a must

The little girl inside is broken
So frightened and afraid
Her therapist reaches out to her
To share the burden her abuser made

She wishes she could just forget
The things he did to her
But as she lays back in the bath
Memories and emotions begin to stir

She picks up the shiny razor blade
Her hand makes a tight fist
Blood begins to trickle
As she slices across her wrist

Red fills up her bubble bath
Drop by drop by drop
She knows she can’t go too far
She knows that she must stop

She fights a daily battle                                     A war inside her head                                   She wishes this were over
As she crawls into her bed

She takes her medication
One tablet and then two
This is how her life is now
If only people knew

Her eyes will close and she will sleep
Until the nightmare breathes once more
For then she wakes in terror
And snuggles on the floor

Her trauma is not just memory
She relives it every day
PTSD and Depression
Make it all this way

She knows she will get up tomorrow
And live another day just like today
The sadness that burns inside her
Can no more be kept at bay

Her heart and mind are hurting
She’s feeling so very pained
She’s trying hard to win this war
Even though she’s feeling drained

She knows she has to do this
She knows she has to fight
But for once she really wishes
That she could see the end in sight.


Thanks for reading

** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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