For a moment                                                   She was feeling good
Had hope again
She thought she could

The in one moment
She lost it all
She began to feel
So very small

A fuzzy head
Thoughts don’t make sense
Her mind and body
Become so tense

She wants to sleep
To go away
But in this world
She knows she should stay

Feeling fragile
Feeling bruised
Seeking direction
So confused

Knowing she’s not
Made of steel
Her emotions she struggles
To conceal

She doesn’t know
Who will leave or stay
So instead she pushes
Them all away

A little broken
Unsure how to heal
Exhausted from being stronger
Than she feels

Standing on a line
Ready to give up
She is unsure
If she can get back up

Sitting on the edge
As her heart breaks
She is not sure
How much more she can take

Feeling lost
Sadness has her bound
In truth all she wants
Is to be found.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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