Irrepareable Trust


Like paper once crumpled                                  It will always be wrecked
Stuck back with together with tape
But still never perfect

Like a rubber on a pencil
No matter the colour
It still disappears
Each mistake makes it smaller

Like melted chocolate
That you can squeeze
It’s lost its shape
Even if you refreeze

Like a cracked, broken vase
That you try to mend
It will never be the same
No matter how you pretend

Like a shattered mirror
So full of cracks
You can never repair it
That is just a fact

Like a second bullet you shoot
Because the first one missed
Full of pain and hurt
That cannot be dismissed

It takes years to build
And seconds to break
Forever to repair
Devastation in its wake

Once it is gone
You can’t get it back
Even if you do
There will always be cracks

Don’t be sorry I trusted you
That was my mistake not yours
I should have known better
Than to let down all my walls

I will build them back up again
Because that is what I do
But this time I will make sure
That nobody breaks through

Trust is so fragile
A true gift unspoken
I wish I could believe
That my heart won’t be broken

My heart is made of delicate glass
It can shatter into pieces
Every time that it is broken
My faith in trust decreases.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

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