Can’t eat, can’t sleep
My head is in a mess
Back with a vengeance
He really can’t care less

He disappeared
For a little while
But now he’s back
With his creepy smile

His hands take hold
Around my throat
I’m beginning to struggle
To stay afloat

He wraps around me
Squeezes tight
I try so hard
I try to fight

Darkness entombs me
Bit by bit
It’s too hard to fight
I start to submit

His thoughts begin
To fill my mind
And suddenly then
We are both entwined

His thoughts are harsh
And so untrue
But they take control
They begin to brew

“Pathetic, useless, worthless”
His words ring through my brain
“Annoying, rejected, burden”
Over and over again

Emotion overwhelms me
As blades take to my skin
Blood begins to trickle
As he smiles his evil grin

His darkness runs inside me
Like blood flowing through my veins
He locks me up so tight
In dark, invisible chains

Can’t think, can’t function
Life’s too hard
He is always there
Keeping guard

My abuser is his creator
My abuser holds the blame
Depression is the darkness
That takes my abusers name.

Thanks for reading
** Image courtesy of Google Images **

3 thoughts on “Darkness

    1. Thank you Carrie x

      Everything is feeling too heavy to handle right now 😦
      Hoping I can bring myself out of this low spell.

      Thanks for supporting me xx


  1. Yes Gemma, please hold on, please. Keep trying to fight against the darkness. So many of us know that the battle you are fighting is intense, difficult and lonely. But we believe in you and we know you are not the awful lies that the darkness wants you to believe.


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