A butterfly’s battle


She knows it is not the right thing
She knows it does not help
She knows that it will hurt her
She lets out a little yelp

Her skin begins to blister
As the heat begins to burn
And yet it does not stop her
She takes another turn

This time it is a knifes edge
That runs across her skin
Blood begins to fall from her
Her head begins to spin

The pain rises within her
A fire roaring great
Physical pain won’t last long
Emotion still awaits

She is scared and she is fragile
She doesn’t want to feel
But she knows she has no choice now
Emotion chases at her heels

This butterfly just wants freedom
And to make this pain just go away
Yet here she stands so strong
To fight another day

This butterfly’s battle is difficult
Unsure whether to burn or cut or cry
But if just one tear she could release
She knows it would help her fly!

Thanks for reading
**The above image is my own artwork**

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