Don’t tell me




Don’t tell me that it is easy                           Or that you understand                                   Don’t say I’m doing the right thing
For that does not help at hand

I know I have to stop him
That responsibility is mine
It doesn’t mean it’s easy
Or that I’m doing fine

Don’t tell me that it’s natural
To feel the way I feel
For if you haven’t been there
You know nothing of my ordeal

I am scared and I am vulnerable
So frightened and afraid
Responsibility is heavy
Upon my shoulders it does weigh

I know I have to stop him
From hurting another child
The way that he did hurt me
His little innocent step-child

Don’t tell me that you’ve felt it
The fear inside my heart
I’m pretty sure you haven’t
For it is tearing me apart

It rises up within me
As emotion fills my brain
This is new and it is scary
Weighing me down like a heavy chain

Don’t tell me to look for positives
That is the worst thing you can say
It doesn’t make the pain I feel
Disappear or go away

I have a feeling that the future
Will never be the same
As every new emotion
Keeps on bringing a new pain

Don’t tell me this will get easier
The more that time goes on
It really just gets harder
As this process carries on

I wish that it were over
It really is so hard
It is leaving me so broken
So damaged and so scarred

Don’t tell me I will be OK
That isn’t what I need to hear
I just need love and comfort
For someone to be near

Don’t tell me that you understand
You really have no clue
Just promise you are here for me
Is all that you can do.

Thanks for reading
**Image courtesy of Google Images**

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