The demons are back
They are stronger than ever
They never leave
They will haunt me forever

I feel I’m a bother
Just by being alive
There’s a darkness within me
Not sure I’ll survive

Every thought is a battle
Every breath is a war
I’m not sure I am winning
Not anymore

I take a deep breath
I’m so close to crying
Irrational thoughts
I feel like dying

Down the hole I go
Alone with my thoughts
My tummy is churning
So full of knots

I’m in a long tunnel
So dark and so deep
Memories unbearable
From secrets I keep

My heart is racing
I’m not OK
I’m scared of the nightmares
I relive every day

Can’t let the world touch me
I must be wary
Not feeling is safer
Much less scary

The darkness returns
Sadness rises within
It thinks it is winning
As blades cut my skin

The monsters are here
But they don’t understand
The pain and trauma
I did already withstand

The demons are back
But they don’t know my fight
Or how I keep reaching
To find the light

For you cannot break someone
Who is already broken
And whose heart keeps beating
Through a pain unspoken.

Thanks for reading
**Image courtesy of Google Images**

One thought on “Demons

  1. You describe perfectly just how loud, how persistent, how convincing those inner voices can be. But please keep fighting back, please keep going as difficult as it is. You do matter in this world, you do have value, you do have a voice. Peace.


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