Happy Birthday Daddy

200_sHappy birthday daddy                                     Your birthday day is here                               But isn’t it so different                                   To this day throughout the years?

I was your little present                                   So frightened and afraid                                 So weak and feeling vulnerable                   My voice began to fade

Your dirty little secret                                     Filled me with shame and pain and fear   Things are so very different now                   I begin to shed a tear

Happy Birthday daddy                                     You still hide behind your lies                       But people see you differently                       They see you through my eyes

Your dirty little secret                                     Is no longer mine to bear                               I’ve found my voice and spoken up             Our little secret I have shared

I’m scared, confused and broken                 For you took all my self-worth                     But the little girl inside of me                       Is beginning to unearth

My wounds aren’t on my body                     But instead sit in my mind                             The memories and the nightmares              Are beginning to unwind

I do not wish to sleep                                       For nightmares take the place of dreams     I do not wish to wake                                       For reasons much the same

Happy birthday daddy                                     People know now what you did                     They know that you abused me                     When I was just a little kid

I had no-one to talk to                                     No-one to tell, nowhere to hide                       I kept the pain you caused me                     To myself and almost died

The little girl you took from me                    Is caged inside my soul                                    Her heart is torn and broken                         I cannot make it whole

You stole my dreams and childhood           You took my family too                                   But I do not need any of you                           To help me make it through

Happy birthday daddy                                     Are you scared of the unknown?                     This is how it feels                                             To be so all alone

Happy birthday daddy                                     You have nowhere to hide                               For once it may be your freedom                 That is finally denied!

Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**

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