PTSD is my war

ptsd_brain1.jpgDear PTSD

People hear your name and link you to straight to soldiers. Yes it is true, soldiers suffer from you, but others suffer from you too.

You are not a sickness or disease as many people will believe. We are not crazy like you make us seem, we have just been through a trauma so severe that very slowly you appear.

You bring with you fear and panic. You create anxiety and depression. Up days and down days. Good days and bad.

You trap us in a cycle of triggers and flashbacks and nightmares. Over and over. Round and round. We scream silently, we are never able to make a sound.

You make us avoid places and people too. The risk of triggers is far too great. We become isolated and shut off from the world, living in darkness rather than in light.

Hypervigilance keeps us on constant “red alert” bringing nausea and a heart that pounds.We are so irritable and anxious, that peace and calm are never to be found.

The sadness is overwhelming. Pain takes over too. We are like zombies and like walking dead, stuck with memories in our head.

Life passes us by with dents and cracks. It seems like our therapists cannot even fix us. What is it that you want us to say when all our hope has gone away?

You’ve trapped us. Fear, pain and sadness hold us hostage. We are so afraid of what is to come we want the world to end. For us there is no joy or fun.

Afraid, alone and fragile, our guilt and shame take over. Headaches hurt and chest pains grow. Emotions become too hard to control.

We are put to the test not to fall apart, for we must not seem broken. But trauma eats us up inside, our words need to be spoken.

That is the only way we will survive, our voices must be heard. If not then you will always make our vision and our lives seem blurred.

I am a survivor of more than you can ever know but please PTSD please won’t you just go?

I’m done. I cannot take much more.

Abuse and neglect were my battle.

PTSD you are my war.

Thanks for reading

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