Broken adult, Broken child.

maxresdefaultBroken child                                                 From a broken home                                   Her stepdaddys hands                           Would always roam

She was punished for living                       Emotionally tortured                                       While her mother stood by                             Just never bothered

Bruised knees heal                                           But broken hearts stay                                     Scared people will leave                                    She pushes them away

Broken adult                                                     Grown from a broken child                             Her eyes show pain                                         Even though she smiles

Behind her smile                                             Is a hurting heart                                               Behind her laugh                                               She is falling apart

She pretends to be whole                               An ache builds in her chest                           Putting on a brave face                                   She knows deep down she must rest

Outside she is strong                                       But her heart is broken                                   Wishing her story                                             Could just be spoken

A broken adult                                                   Her voice is drowned                                       She cries and screams silently                     Never utters a sound

Wiping tears from her eyes                           And with pain in her heart                             The broken adult                                               Is starting to fall apart

A broken child                                                   With a broken smile                                         Is coming back                                                   For a little while

This broken child                                               Is falling apart                                                   She needs someone to help                           Mend her broken heart

This broken child                                               Nurture and love she must feel                     For it is the only way                                       Her sweet heart will heal.

Thanks for reading                                           **Image courtesy of Google Images**



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