Fake Smile

bpdThey say she’s emotionally versatile

Always walking with a smile


But behind her smile, behind her laugh

She is slowly beginning to fall apart


She wears a smile that she cannot believe

Deep down inside she wants to scream


She holds her head up and stays strong

Faking a smile and carries on


Fading away one step at a time

Yet always telling you she is fine


Standing tall, says she’s ok

Yet she barely makes it through the day


Always a smile on her face

She wishes tears would take its place


Too scared to break, no tears she cries

She wears a smile and lets out a sigh


She cares too much, then not at all

As she slowly starts to punch the wall


Lonely and fragile she lies in bed

Tired of holding this all in her head


She hides what she’s feeling as she falls apart

For no one notices her broken heart


It is not tears that measure her pain

But is in fact that smile on her face!


Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**

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