My own wonderland

wonderlandI wish I could dream without fear. For when we dream we enter a world that is entirely own…..

My dreams would consist of magical things

And make believe

And my imagination

Would run free


I’d fly to the moon

And touch the stars

And ride a rocket

All the way to mars


I’d build a castle

On a cloud

Where princes and princesses

Would be crowned


I’d dance with pixies

And swim with mermaids

And laugh with unicorns

As we played


There would be butterfly kisses

And soft squidgy hugs

As pixie dust glistens

On little lady bugs


I’d fly with fairies

Up so high

And use their fairy dust

To soar the skies


I’d make a wish

Upon a star

For never is there

A star too far


The stars would sparkle

The moon shining bright

Children would sleep peacefully

Their eyes closed tight


No fear would exist here

No darkness allowed

No evil person

Would be found


People would tell me

That they care

I’d have faith and trust

That they’d be there


My dreams and reality

Would eventually collide

And maybe finally

I’d no longer have to hide


My past would be a memory

I’d be just fine

And finally my wings

Would begin to shine


In my own little wonderland

I would be

Nurtured and loved

And finally free…


We are never too old for fairy tales. We are never too old for wishing on a star. Magic is all around us. Magic is believing in ourselves. However, if magic exists only in our dreams then please, no one wake me up. For I am longing for a fairy-tale in a world full of nightmares!

Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**


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