Little child

little-girlSweet and innocent little child

No more than five years old

Sat playing with her Barbie dolls

Goes running when mummy and daddy call


She smiles, she laughs and giggles too

A laugh so pure and true

She has no idea of what’s to come

As she quietly sits and sucks her thumb


Small and fragile, eleven years old

She starts liking boys and bands and shows

She doesn’t notice him staring though

Her daddy with eyes with a scary glow


Teddies and dolls still in her bed

She goes to rest her weary head

She didn’t know it wasn’t right

When he snuck in her room that very night


Thirteen years old, a teenager now

A frown now lines her little brow

She goes to school, she seems just fine

No one can see and no one knows the signs


She laughs and jokes with all her friends

If only they could see that laughter ends

She wants to tell but is too afraid

For he will know that she has strayed


But the things he does, they hurt her so

She finally plucks up the courage to go

She approaches a teacher whilst full of dread

And tells the secret locked in her head


They tell her mother, surely she wants to help

Instead the mother lets out a yelp

The little girl listens as her mother tells them

She is surely lying for attention


Fourteen years old now, full of hate

For now he uses her as bait

She takes a knife and starts to shiver

In her skin she carves a tiny sliver


Fifteen years old and full of scars

He takes her out in one of his cars

Her body is his and theirs, not hers

The pain of rape begins to blur


Seventeen years old, she now lives alone

A hostel is now the place that she calls home

But still he knows just where she is

She obeys him knowing she is his


Twenty years old now, her trust in people gone

She knows that she is just his pawn

She is fragile and broken, no self-worth

She wishes she could leave this earth


She knows her family are all alike

They choose to believe his vicious lies

She is giving up and losing drive

She has no idea why she is alive


Thirty years old now, has a husband and friends

She knows it’s her they will always defend

They listen, believe and give her worth

Finally some strength she does unearth


In her thirties now, a little strength she’s found

As his lies come crashing to the ground

Police hear her voice and finally believe

Much to the little child’s relief


An adult now but still afraid

That little girl has always stayed

Never grieving for what she lost

Too frightened for what that grief would cost


Emotions too hurtful, she can’t process

Too afraid to cry, she cuts instead

The fear and sadness she can’t overcome

She wonders when this pain will be undone


She takes one step forward, two steps back

Sometimes she stumbles off the track

Mental illness, memories and nightmares unfold

As this little girls story begins to be told


The flashbacks and triggers begin to tease

Can’t someone take this from her please?

She is shattered, she is frightened, wants to run away

But her feet are grounded, weighed down like clay


She is scared and fragile, feels betrayed

By the ones who should never have ever played

With the little girls heart or trust like games

Stole her innocence and set it up in flames


She is an adult now but still ashamed

Of the childhood of which she should hold no blame

They have taken her spirit and broken her heart

And really torn her life apart


But that little child has found her voice

It causes her pain but she has no choice

It is her job to stop him, make him pay

For taking that little child’s life away


That little girl should hold no blame

For the memories and pain that cause such shame

She is growing, she is whispering, she is speaking up

If only this journey would hurry up


She is fragile, she is broken she wants to disappear

So she really does need you to be here

For this little child that I tell you of within this story

Is me, please help me find my glory!


Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**



One thought on “Little child

  1. the friends you made, the ones who believed
    are by your side even though no proof they received
    they stand by you, till the nightmare ends
    and will hold you up until none of your tormentors stands


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