Broken Little Butterfly

96vwcisBroken little butterfly

With heart so pure and deep

She wants her wings to fly so high

Instead she is crumpled in a heap


Her wings are torn and broken

As she sits upon the ground

Her story is unspoken

She never makes a sound


A rope it sits around her waist

Her wings are all weighed down

Her strength for sure has been misplaced

She thinks that she might drown


She tries and pulls against the rope

With a flutter and a strain

Her wings they fight but just can’t cope

She is in far too much pain


She tries to speak, to raise her wings

She tries to fly away

She knows her voice would surely sing

If her wings weren’t stuck like clay


Her heart is broken, her dreams are gone

She is hurt and all alone

She knows she really could have shone

If not weighed down like stone


She is fragile, she is broken

Unsure who she can trust

But her words need to be spoken

So your loyalty is a must


She wants to fly, she knows she could

If her wings would only heal

She needs your help, to know you’re good

She needs to know you feel


A broken little beauty

She needs to tell her story

She knows it’s not your duty

But please help her find her glory


That beautiful little butterfly

Will forever be in your debt

For you will help her start to fly so high

Though she may not be there yet


A fragile little butterfly

With heart so broken and so sore

Her wings will heal and flutter by

As she begins to soar


Broken little butterfly

Whose heart can’t take much more

Will find her voice and fly away

She will speak up with a roar


Broken little butterfly

Wishing to be carefree

Will finally look up to the sky

Spread her wings now and be free!



Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images

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