BPD Emotions

stormLike a needle piercing through my skull

They never go away

A shooting pain inside my head

An ache that always stays


Like a dagger pushing in my heart

I can barely catch my breath

My chest it heaves a heavy sigh

Feels like I’m being crushed to death


Like a knife that glides across my skin

Creating cuts and scars so deep

Like blood that drips down to the floor

As the cuts begin to seep


Like a bullet tearing through my body

As it shatters to the bone

The pain is all around me

My body begins to groan


The emotions never leave me

For I must stay in control

Never able to express them

They are stuck inside my heart and soul


BPD emotions

Perfection, rejection, love and hate

BPD emotions

Confusion and fear they do create


BPD will make me hate you

But please don’t leave me on my own

Anger and sadness will control me

As I feel as though I am all alone


BPD emotions

Will make me lash out and want to fight

But believe me when I tell you

It is never out of spite


BPD will give me cuts and scars

That you will never understand

But please don’t scold or hate me

Please just lend a helping hand


BPD will soon frustrate you

As I stick to you like glue

But it will also make me love you

So please just love me too


BPD is like a storm cloud

Bringing darkness all around

Thunder scaring everyone

As lightening crashes down


BPD is hard to live with

Back and forth and up and down

So please try not to judge me

And please don’t let me drown


BPD does not define me

It just makes my emotions worse

To feel things far too deeply

Is both a blessing and a curse


Like a needle, dagger, knife and bullet

Hurting me more each and every day

Emotions build up inside me

They never fade away


The pain is now unbearable

I feel like I may break

For these BPD emotions

Are just too much for me to take!



Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**



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