Silver Blades

bladeHello we thought we’d call you

From the secret place within your room

You know you cannot keep us

Hidden, locked up in this tomb


We can see that you have missed us

Our silver blades against your skin

You know it’s time to use us

While your head is in a spin


Right now we are the only ones

Who can take away your pain

You know you’re drawn back to us

Like a padlock to a chain


We know that you are fragile

All broken and all scarred

It really isn’t your fault though

That they made your life so hard


We know that you are feeling scared

Alone with all your grief

You know with just one single cut

That we can bring relief


For we will ease your aching heart

As you begin to bleed

The wounds we will create for you

Will give the focus that you need


Hello we know you see us

Silver metal shining bright

You may as well give in now

There is no need to fight


You gasp for breath so silently

So we really must insist

You must begin to ease your pain

With a blade across your wrist


We are able, you can trust us

To wash away your fear

For you know that if you use us

You need not shed a single tear


We will never let you down

We will always be your friend

Silver blades are with you by your side

Until the very end


Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**

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