Please help me shine.

star 3Help me…..


For my body is heavy from sleeping pills

My mouth is feeling dry

My throat is slowly tightening

My eyes just want to cry


My arms are slowly throbbing

As blood falls from my wrists

The light fades into darkness

As Depression settles in


My head is feeling fuzzy

Pain is everywhere

I feel I’m disappearing

My sadness fills the air


The darkness it imprisons me

My heart too hurt to care

Emotions begin to fill my soul

As shadows start to take control


This sadness is unbearable

I feel like I can’t breathe

The monster sits upon my chest

He never sets me free


The demons run their circles

Round and round inside my head

I feel like I am nothing

As they make me struggle for breath


Whether my eyes are open

Or firmly closed in sleep

I still see the same darkness

The darkness never leaves


I am starting to feel hopeless

My nightmare has come true

I’m not sure if I can fight this

Even though I know the truth


I know I should be strong now

For myself and others too

But the darkness drags me further

Into weakness with shadows new


I feel I’m beginning to fade away

Don’t let the darkness take me

But don’t get too close, it is dark inside

Inside is where my demons hide


My past is hidden in all their lies

My present lived in a secret

My future holds the only truth

The truth to bring me freedom


Won’t someone please help me?

For I am struggling to survive

The darkness overwhelms me

It begins to rule my life


Please won’t someone help me?

For I no longer see the light

But stars can’t exist if not for darkness

Please won’t you help me shine?


Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**

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