Stolen Innocence.

bearAlways looking up to him

She tries to make him proud

Instead the evil in his eyes

Is screaming far too loud


Afraid to sleep, afraid to wake

Not knowing wrong from right

She wonders why she’s the only one

He comes to every night


She wonders why he hurts her

Why he causes fear and pain

Is it that she’s being punished?

Is it that she causes shame?


Worthless and unwanted

Her tears begin to fall

His strength begins to hurt her

As he pins her against the wall


Falling to the floor now

Confusion fills her mind

She never hears him say he loves her

Never hears him being kind


In pain and feeling broken

She doesn’t understand

Why mummy won’t protect her

From her daddy’s wandering hands


Sitting in the corner now

Her silent cries she hides

She is just a little child

She doesn’t want to die


Childhood should be carefree

And playing in the sun

Instead she’s in a nightmare

Wishing he was done


She’s chained up and alone now

Too scared to try and flee

She is not living, just surviving

Stolen Innocence; never free.


Thanks for reading

**Image courtesy of Google Images**


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