Courage is my discovery

download (17)I sit alone and wonder

How you could be so cruel

You were the man I called my father

You were the only one I knew


Was it always your intention?

To break my fragile heart

It was never to be mentioned

Day by day you tore my life apart


You deprived me of my freedom

That day you made me yours

You made me grow into a woman

My childhood was no more


You subjected me to mind games

You filled my head with lies

You tied me in invisible chains

You took away my life


A child so young and innocent

I was barely thirteen years old

I was under your imprisonment

I was under your control


Manipulation was your key

Your words I never questioned

I gave up trying to be free

That way the pain would lessen


You called me worthless, useless too

I was yours to control

No tears allowed, so there were few

Rules I would uphold


I had forgotten how to smile

Depression it consumed me

Every day another trial

Fear and sadness they entombed me


Knives and scissors were my friends

A comfort for my pain

My life I wanted them to end

To hide the guilt and shame


My body was no longer mine

You had left me broken

Bruises and scars will fade in time

But memories they are frozen


Telling the truth was not allowed

As you began to mold me

Excuses and lies I always found

Or else you would always scold me


You have left me beaten and broken

But somehow I survived

Now the strength inside me has awoken

It is my time to thrive


I will be your victim for no longer

For I will tell my truth

The voice I’ve found is becoming stronger

Much stronger than in my youth


I am not what you did to me

For I am not to blame

My body and mind that you took from me

Will no longer hold shame


Abuse is a crime, that crime is yours

The shame is yours to bear

My life is mine, not yours, not theirs

I will no longer live in fear


My body will begin to heal

My heart will become whole

Gradually I am breaking free

No longer under your control


Courage is my discovery

Bravery is my sword

This fight it is compulsory

A battle to end the war


Courage is my discovery

Bravery is my sword

Now starts my recovery

The opening of new doors


Courage is my discovery

Bravery is my sword

You have no power over me

I am no longer yours!


Thanks for reading

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