Stand up little girl and fly

butterfly-wallpaper-09Crumpled in the corner

She is so damaged and afraid

A little girl with thoughts so deep

No way that she can sleep


There should be dreams of princess’

And fairy tales coming true

Instead the shadows grip her mind

She has nowhere left to hide


The real world is a scary place

Her nightmares are all true

The monsters in her head are real

She wishes it were untrue


Curled up in the darkness

She pretends to sleep

The monsters hands come closer

As he begins to creep


She wants to scream, she wants to cry

But she cannot make a sound

She’s frozen stiff, too scared to move

Shadows moving all around


The pain is getting hard to hide

The monster takes control

He takes her body, mind and soul

She is no longer safe at home


So trusting and so innocent

She is now broken up inside

They turned their backs and walked away

No-one left to tell, nowhere left to hide


She is voiceless and mistreated

She feels so dead inside

She just wants to be invisible

She really wants to die


The little girl is drowning

Her self-worth is no more

Her silence is her loudest cry

She won’t allow her tears to fall


She does not know her value

As the knife glides across her skin

The blood trickles from her wrist

As her emotions disappear


Stand up little girl

It will be OK

Don’t be afraid to fly

Your wings have always been there

You just need to try


Stand up little girl

Take off your mask

You no longer need to hide

You are stronger than you think you are

Just make the jump and fly


The shadows they will disappear

The more you start to grow

The monsters strength will weaken

The more you take control


The sadness it will leave you

The pain it will all ease

The sunshine it will find you

As the shadows fall behind you


Stand up little girl

Spread your wings

Don’t be afraid to fly

Your freedom it awaits you

In grief, hope, love and joy


Stand up little girl

You’re a butterfly

Now spread your wings and fly

You no longer have a secret

But a story and voice!


Thanks for reading


**Image courtesy of Google images**

4 thoughts on “Stand up little girl and fly

  1. Yes, little girl, look in the mirror. Indeed, you have a mighty weapon in your hand,…. against which no enemies or monsters can stand…you have TRUTH!!! And the truth shall set you free!

    Liked by 1 person

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